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buy bulk jewelry from china jewelry suppliers,wholesale jewelry earrings,necklace,pendants,charms,beads,jewelry supplies,jewelry boxes and more,Our factory specializes in the production and processing of the most popular jewellery products, all of which are subject to strict checks and inspections.

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Bulk buy jewelry from China jewelry market,we offer 9000+ style jewelry wholesale online,From Ocean – one of the best jewellery suppliers China ,We not only offer the best price and high quality products, but we also offer free shipping options. If you order a large amount, we offer free shipping worldwide.

Competitive Prices- Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers of China 

offers you competitive wholesale / dropship discount prices on all the products you find in our online wholesale shop. We source directly from Chinese factories and suppliers and we negotiate the cheapest prices for you.You might think that our prices displayed in our online shop are already cheap. However, the prices you see before signing in are sample single-unit prices only! After you register and sign in our China online shop you will be able to see that our wholesale price we offer for larger quantities. In addition, attractive bulk wholesale pricing is available on enquiry.

Fast Worldwide Delivery – China Jewelry Manufacturer

Shipping direct from China to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically only takes five to six days. Goods are sent out from our warehouse typically within one day of your order payment. We cooperate with internationally trusted logistic service providers such as DHL, EMS, UPS, Hong Kong Post Mail, and bulk freight forwarders. Shipping paperwork and customs clearance are taken care of by the courier companies, greatly simplifying the process for importers.


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