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$ 1.56

Beaded Stretch Bracelet

10MM/8MM Lace Purple Agate Bracelet

$ 1.69$ 1.79

Beaded Stretch Bracelet

4mm Natural Stone Elastic Bracelet

$ 1.69

Beaded Stretch Bracelet

8/10mm Shell Bead Elastic Bracelet

$ 1.56$ 1.86

Beaded Stretch Bracelet

8MM agate bracelet, stackable

$ 1.66

$ 12.99
$ 10.99

Rhinestones Crystal Earrings

Asymmetric colorful round earrings

$ 1.96

Rhinestones Crystal Earrings

Rhinestone Little ant earrings for women

$ 1.13

Alphabet brooch

English alphabet Brooch

$ 1.39

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