charms for jewelry making, craft charms for making your charm bracelets, charm necklaces, charm earrings and more jewelry accessories.

Wholesale Charms Suppliers

FromOcean --One of the most trusted charms wholesale suppliers in China, providing 3000 types of charms wholesale and distribution. More than 10 years of wholesale charm and charm jewelry experience, serving global handicraft jewelry users.

Wholesale Bracelet Charms

Bracelet charms is a very popular product category. It is very easy to create your most personalized charm bracelets. Charm with various materials and design themes is the source of inspiration for charm bracelets. Simple and easy to use.

Wholesale Charms for Jewelry Making

Charms is one of the most popular and most creative and inspirational products. It can be flexibly applied to the design and creation of any type of jewelry, handicrafts and jewelry making supplies.

Charm in Bulk -  Global Delivery

Our jewelry charms provide global transportation services, no matter where you are on the earth. America, Europe, USA, UK, Australia, Canada,Latin America, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, Brazil,Sao Paulo, Rio, London, Paris, etc.

From February 2nd to February 17th, the Chinese New Year holiday will be observed. During this period, there will be a temporary pause in order fulfillment and shipping. Please note that any orders placed between February 2nd and February 17th will be processed and shipped starting from February 17th onwards.