Do you like majorica pearl ?

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which is the  majorica pearl factory ? Do you like the majorica pearl ?

majorica pearl well-designed, maybe you are very curious, is that the factory designed a majorica pearl? I really like majorica pearl. majorica pearl factory is a great manufacturer.

Investigate, vote

1, do you like majorica pearl ?

A  YES, i like .

B  No, i don’t like it.

C i don’t know majorica.

2, Where are you to buy majorica pearl jewelry ?

A  online store

Physical store

3. Where are you from ?

A  United States
B  Canada
C  United Kingdom
D  Germany
E  Spain
F  Italy
G  France
H  Russia
I   China
J  Korea
K Japan
L  Australia

M  Others

4,Majorica is a famous Imitation Pearl Brand.

 Do you like Imitation Pearl or Real Pearls

A  Imitation Pearl

B  real pearls

C hIgn quality Imitation Pearl ,such as majorica pearl.



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