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If you love pearls but do not want to pay for the astronomical prices for the Tahitian pearls or south sea pearls, these South Sea shell pearl jewelry are so true to the original beauty as to pass all but the most professional inspection.

South Sea Shell Pearls are imitation or simulated pearls.  South Sea Shell Pearls are not made of wax, plastic, glass, fish scales, or other inexpensive materials commonly used to make imitation pearls.  They are made from actual crushed shell – the same shells expensive South Sea pearls come from.
South Sea Shell Pearls are made in a laboratory from South Sea oyster shells – the same mollusks expensive South Sea pearls come from.The shells are cut and pulverized into powder.High powered sprayers and ovens are used to coat a mother-of-pearlnucleus (remember – this nucleus can be glass, stone, plastic or shell on lesser quality shell pearls).Mother-of-Pearl nucleus, modern technology, and strict quality control come together to create a beautiful shell pearl product.If you have ever priced a 10mm – 16mm South Sea pearl necklace, you know it can cost multiple thousands of dollars.  Most consumers cannot afford this luxury.  I know I can’t afford a strand, even at my wholesale cost!
In addition to cost, pearls are organic gems.  The size and quality is controlled by the oyster or mollusk.  South Sea Shell pearls offer an alternative to the consumer looking for a bold strand of pearls.  They are nearly flawless, big, round, beautiful, and lustrous at an affordable price.Make sure you know what type of bead nucleus was used for your strand of South Sea Shell Pearls.  Your preference is the mother-of-pearl (shell) bead.  The mother-of-pearl bead nucleus adds value, weight and durability to your strand of South Sea Shell Pearls.  A manufacturer who starts with a mother-of-pearl bead for the nucleus will have a high-quality finished pearl.
We will only purchase gem-grade South Sea Shell Pearls that have mother-of-pearl nuclei.  Our South Sea Shell Pearls also have the highest amount of coating available – up to 20x.  This means the mother-of-pearl nucleus is coated up to approx. 20 times (some colors require more coatings and some colors require less).  The industry standard is 2x – 7x.  Our South Sea Shell Pearls should not fade, peel or crack when properly cared for.
We look for a smooth surface, strong luster, size consistency, center drill holes and beautiful color when purchasing South Sea Shell Pearls.  We want only the best to offer our customers.South Sea Shell Pearls are more smooth than South Sea pearls.  This is because they are created in a lab so the environment is cleaner than a lake or ocean. Follow the same care and cleaning guidelines for Cultured Pearls.  Price range from $20.00 to $200.00  We’re on the lookout for some special pieces to offer.

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South sea shell pearls are pearls made by crushing shells and producing perfect pearl shaped beads. These beads are then dipped in a solution containing ground iridescent fish scales or real pearl powder which coats them in a lustrous finish that is almost indiscernible from real pearls.

South Sea Shell pearls originally were manufactured in an attempt to imitate the highly sought after and incredibly expensive South Sea or Tahitian pearls grown in the Pinctada Maxima Oyster. These are found around the coast of Australia and the tip of Burma and through the Philippines and Indonesia.

The famous first lady Barbara Bush was renowned for always wearing her pearls, and years later revealed that hers were high quality imitation! South Sea shell pearls pass all the normal tests used by the casual enthusiast to determine genuineness, and no-one will even be able to tell you are not wearing the real thing!

This is a boon to those of us who would love to have Tahitian pearl strands but do not want to pay for the mid-five-figure price tags. You can get South Sea shell pearls and wear them with impunity!

Real South Sea pearls come a variety of hues, from muted cream and to deep blue black and vibrant yellow. The South Seashell pearls can be bought in any color desired, and make an compelling statement when worn to a formal gathering or a high powered board meeting.

The size of South Sea pearls makes them particularly sought after, and the prices increase dramatically with size, as perfection becomes rarer.South Sea Shell pearls, however, can be made as large as the wearer desires without sacrificing roundness or luster.

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