Fake pearl Variety,What is Imitation Pearl ?

Imitation pearl,fake pearls

What is Imitation Pearl ? What is the Varieties of Fake Pearl ?

Imitation pearls are man-made objects (often beads) that are designed to resemble real pearls. A variety of methods are used to create imitation pearls from starting materials that include glass, plastic, and actual mollusc shell. Some beads are coated with a pearlescent substance in order to imitate the natural iridescence of nacre or mother of pearl.

Varieties of imitation pearls include: glass pearl,shell pearls,mother-of-pearl pearls,plastic pearls.

Glass Pearl: one of Faux pearls

glass bead dipped or sprayed with pearlescent material, or hollow glass bead filled with pearlescent material. A variation is called Majorcan pearl. Wax-filled pearl simulants are hollow glass beads coated with essence d’orient and filled with wax. Variations of these wax-filled simulants, which are produced in slightly different manners, include Parisian pearls, Paris pearls, French pearls, Bourguignon pearls and Venetian pearls.

Shell Pearl : one of Imitation pearls variety

cut, buffed, and sometimes dyed nacreous portions of mollusc shells. Variations and alternate names include cat’s-eye pearl, coque de perle (from nautilus shells), mother-of-pearl pearl (from mother-of-pearl), and hinge pearl (from the hinge of bivalve shells).

Plastic Pearl:

plastic core coated with pearlescent material.


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